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The original 12mm Smartek magnetic building blocks are not suitable for consumers under 14 years. These blocks are very small and contain magnets. Never leave blocks in reach of children.

Strong Magnets

Smartek consists of very strong Neodymium magnets. These magnets are very small and over the past years various children and teens have hurt themselves by ingesting them. Currently the guidelines are very strict which also apply to the original Smartek building blocks (12mm). A complete Smartek block is still so small that is can be ingested by children, teens and adults. Therefore they are potentially harmful to everybody even when there is a piece of plastic around the magnet.

General Product Safety Directive

Smartek original 12mm cubes are verified by an external independent lab as save products based on the General Product Safety Directive (GPSD) 2001/95/EC. To ensure Smartek building blocks are not sold to consumers under 14 years we follow these rules:

  • Under NO circumstance are Smartek blocks to be sold in a place where normally toys are sold. Especially not in toy stores either physical or online.
  • NO (marketing) communication to consumers (children) under 14 years. This also means no images showing children playing with Smartek.
  • All our packaging will bear the marking: WARNING! This product is NOT a toy
  • Since this product does not fall under any standard EU product category we are NOT allowed to affix the CE mark

All these rules also apply to our resellers and distributers.

Report an Issue

If you have any concerns or if you think there is any safety issue with our products please let us know. Anything we can do to improve our product or communication is something we want to learn from.

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