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Challenge your friends to a game of Klocki. Any Smartek box of 19 transformer into a game for 2 or more. Expand the game with your creativity.

The Game

Klotski is a simple and fast game played by 2 or more people. The name Klocki comes from the Polish word for blocks. The goal is to be the first to dispose all your blocks. The basic concept only needs (any) Smartek Box of 19 + a piece of string. The game can be augmented in various ways to enhance the experience. Store your blocks in the standard Smartek Box and take it with you on your journeys and events. Have fun!

The gameplay is inspired by the games called Kluster and Jishaku. Both games use fixed polarity type of magnets compared to Klocki using free rotating magnets (within the Smartek blocks outer shell). Kluster uses a string for its playing field while Jishaku uses a box with a wave shaped foam for its playing field.

Example Game (4 players)

This ‘basic’ game is played with 4 players (A-B-C-D). With a single Smartek Box of 19 we divide the 19 blocks over 4 players. Each player gets 4 blocks which 3 blocks remain aside. The string is placed in the middle of the table in any shape.

Player A starts and places 1 block. Before placing any block the current player also has the option to move the string around to alter his options of placing the block strategically. Player B-C-D also places their first block in the playing field trying not to attract the already placed blocks.
After 9 blocks placed the playing field gets crowded and placing a block without attracting another blocks becomes challenging. Player B needs to place another block but his block attracts 7 other blocks and creates two block clusters. Player B need to take all the 8 blocks in his hand and player C can move into placing a new block.
The game continues in a more empty playing field making it possible for player A to finish the game


Smooth surfaces are preferred since the attraction of the magnets are more unpredictable. Alternatively you can experiment with clothed or carped surfaces to add more friction to the magnets. 
Playing Field
Basically any kind of string, rope or wire can be used as playing field. Alternatively, even a USB cable could be used to create a playing field. We encourage for players to experiment with what they have available as playing field e.g. a small table by itself could also be sufficient.
Note: Some playing field do not work specifically with Smartek blocks since their attraction in these cases is not sufficient.
Any bi-colour Smartek block have 6 unique faces which could be used to alter the odds during the game. When 2 or more blocks attract each other they will connect thru their faces. There are basically two options when two blocks are connected, either their faces are equal or they are not.

Alternatively when during the game the blocks connected are face non-equal the game continues as it was. If the faces are equal and match the player can keep these two (or more) blocks connected. Meaning that in his next turn he can place the complete set of blocks instead of just placing one block.
With any box of 19 playing with 2-4 players there are always blocks remaining, which we will call mines:
Alternatively, mine(s) could be placed in the playing field prior to the start of the game in order to start the game with some more difficulty.
Any Smartek box is designed to hold 19 Smartek blocks inside the box. It was also designed to place 1 to 8 Smartek blocks in the corner of the box.

Alternatively some blocks can be placed inside the box and the box can be placed within the playing field. Spinning the box can be used to alter the location of some hidden blocks inside the box.
If during play the blocks placed attract to the box, the player needs to take the attracted blocks leaving the box inside the playing field.

Furthermore, the box can also be used as a playing field and blocks can be placed on top of the box.


Smartek Box of 19 is small and can be taken with you on a trip, holiday or having a night out with your friends. Below is an example of 3 people playing Klocki in a bar with a lot of noise.