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Game of 19

Nerve-recking indie game with Smartek cubes


Game of 19 is a simple nail-biting game. The concept is very simple. Match all sets of Smartek blocks with each other. You can change the orientation of each block by tapping (clicking) on them. With every tap you cycle thru the six possible orientations and you stop when you think the orientation is correct.
The goal is to beat the time. If you are fast enough you earn 3 stars. There are currently 19 levels in 3 categories:
  • Easy - 8 levels to introduce you to the concept
  • Shapes - 7 levels of various colours, shapes to make the game more fun
  • Difficult - 4 very hard levels with either limited time or moving blocks
The ultimate goal is to get all 57 stars.
Real-life Challenge
Another way to play the game is to use real 19 Smartek building blocks which all have the same two colours. The goal is to shuffle all your 19 real-life blocks in front of you and press the start button. On the screen the 19 blocks will shuffle and a timer will countdown from 3, 2, 1, ... GO.

Your goal is then to as quickly as possible build your 4 rows of Smartek. If you think you are finished press the stop button. Now check your blocks if they are correct and remember your time. Challenge yourself or a friend to beat your time!


There are a few ways to play Game of 19:



More info

Smartek is more than a simple magnetic building block. It is a concept and a new way to building. To learn and understand what is possible with Smartek we want to bring the experience not only to the real-world but also to the digital world.

We will make more games in the future. See also our fun section for some of our experiments like Smartekcraft and Smartekbuilder.

The idea behind Game of 19 came during a period when we were positively tested for COVID-19. We were thinking of how to connect the real blocks with a virtual game. We thought about a 4x4 puzzle game called 15 puzzle/game of 15 where you have to slide tiles around to get to the proper order. Game of 19 has a similar shape as a game of 15 sliding puzzle.

We have been programming on Unity but the limitations are that it does not run in every browser until you publish it in a store. So this is how we found Gdevelop, which enables us to make a simple, run everywhere, indie game.

It is approved on Facebook (see link above).

Next step is to see if people are actually playing it and await their feedback.
Technical info
  • The game is build using Gdevelop
  • Fully written based on HTML5 and Javascript
  • Build for Mobile - Portrait mode
  • Resolution 450x800 pixels
  • Should run in every modern browser
  • Music is composed by Philip Gedrojc
  • Soon on Facebook Games
  • 20201115 - Facebook version does not have audio (due to iOS restrictions)
  • 20201113 - Added splash screen, default sound off, sound on/off button
  • 20201107 - First release with basic game play and 19 levels
Featured list
  • More levels
  • Local or platform save of scores (so you can continue later)
  • Leaderboard to challenge others
  • Daily challenges
  • [done - not on FB] Turn music on/off