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Smartek is a new way of building. There are endless possibilities. But most important is that you keep exploring and have fun.
Smartekcraft Screenshot


The main concept of the Smartek Box is that u re-use it and don't throw it away. Use 8 Smartek blocks to create a big block. All our 78 colour boxes have their unique colour combination printed on the inlay. So with multiple boxes you can start building bigger creations. Perhaps you want to have your own colour or perhaps you want to create your own design box? To help you out a bit, you can download here our Smartek Box Inlay template. One for A4 and one for Letter paper size. For best fitting print the inlay without scaling. Please share your design on our social media account (see below).

Game of 19

Our first official released game based on Smartek Cubes. With this simple indie experiment we wanted to explore the world of HTML5 games and see how they can be used on a variety of devices.

More information and the game itself can be found on our dedicated Game of 19 webpage.

Games (2021)

Creating a virtual environment around Smartek is an important part of our concept. We love the tangible Smartek building block but we think your experience is extended when you can also learn and build in a digital/virtual environment. We have been already experimenting with a mobile builder (left) and also with an open world concept we call Smartekcraft (right). More will follow in 2021.