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Smartek on
Smartek on
Nov 1, 2020
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Smartek on

Why sell on

Although we also have our own online shop we unfortunately do not support the most used payment platform in the Netherlands called iDEAL. This is one reason to move to, which supports iDEAL out of the box.

Secondly, is the biggest retail webshop in the Netherlands, so it is basically mandatory that your items are on it. Therefore we also hope to get some additional traction and visibility locally (in the Netherlands).

What do we offer?

Initially we will start with our two featured boxes:

How about the price?

The price is theoretically the same although initially it is higher because we 'have to' include the shipping cost in the offered price. The price is reduced when you purchase more similar items. Eventually our own shop is a bit cheaper than

Why purchase via

Mainly because offers awesome service. They are owned by Ahold which basically make every Albert Hein a pickup and return store open from typically 7am until 10pm.