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More Languages
More Languages
Nov 20, 2020
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More Languages


Although we are a Dutch Company we do appreciate globalisation and international business. Therefore our default language is English. Via our customers and the lack of supporting the local Dutch payment standard iDEAL we learned that localisation is important. Therefore going to gave us this local payment option. We think the same applies for the language of the website. If you go to a Dutch Domain (.nl) and see only English that is typically not ok. So our mission was to start translating our website.

Translation (beta)

Moving from English to Dutch is not a huge problem. The main issue is how to implement this in a Smart way and how to maintain this. Luckily we found a web tool that can integrate with our website host and on the fly translate the pages. Currently we have more than 10.000 words on the website and we are gradually translating every word and sentence. The tool has translated basically everything so far and on a first glimpse most looks ok. But in some cases it is all about the detail, the context, the semantics which make the translation funny or weird. Therefore the new languages are in beta.

How to change the language

At the bottom of the page you see a flag of the current language. Our default language is English and all is translated from that. Depending on your country or browser language preference the website might switch to another language. So Dutch customers should see the website standard in Dutch if their browser is set to Dutch. If you want to switch the language then simply click on the flag at the bottom and choose one of the three other languages.

The flags in the left corner of the website let you choose your language

Korean, Chinese and Dutch

We have currently chosen to add three languages

  • Dutch - It is our home and native language
  • Chinese - It is the most spoken language in the world
  • Korean - We have good relationships in Korea and hope to expend the market there as well locally
Smartek remains Smartek when translating the content


The translations are currently managed automagically with some help from us to improve grammar. Since we do not speak Korean or Chinese ourselves we currently trust and rely on the tool. So if you see something funny, weird, horrible, please feel free to share that with the us (and/or with the rest of the world), so we can update this.