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Let's get Physical
Let's get Physical
Bartek Gedrojc
Jun 20, 2021
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Let's get Physical

After 18 months of isolation (due to the lockdown) it's time to go outdoor again and meetup with you family, friends and colleagues. Although we have learned a lot about connecting online; meeting in-person is still the preferred option for many people. Therefore we are pleased to announce that Smartek will be sponsoring an awesome hardware security conference - | Netherlands 2021 - in October (25-29) which is being held just around the corner from us in The Hague. We are looking forward to get physical again and meet-up with around 300 people mainly from Europe.

hardwear.oi | Netherlands 2021 | 25-29 October | The Hague

Since we are trying to connect physically again, would it be possible to use Smartek to stimulate interaction with each other during the even?

European flags

Considering that attendees will join from Europe and we recently made a 19 blocks box with red-white-blue flags, this gave us the idea to build European flags out of three blocks. How many flags do you think we were able to make?

So far we made 24 unique set covering the following 28 European countries:

Armenia Austria Belgium Bulgaria Estonia France Germany
Greece Hungary Italy Ireland Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg
Malta Moldavia Monaco Netherlands Poland Portugal Romania
Russia Serbia Slovakia Slovenia Spain Ukraine Vatican

What country did we miss? Any suggestions or flags we should add?

Note: Unfortunately Scandinavian countries and small features are hard to showcase with just three blocks.

The event: Share - Swap - Connect

Still work in progress, but the main idea is that every attendee will get one of the +24 sets and then has to decide what to do with it:

  • Share - We expect nobody will throw away the blocks but hopefully gives them to someone who is willing to receive more blocks.
  • Swap - For example: if you are from Italy but received a Russian flag, why not try to find someone who has an Italian flag? Swap your complete set or some blocks.
  • Connect - The main purpose is to connect with each other. Smartek is a physical building block. Time for you to connect physically with other attendees at the event.

All attendees will get three blocks and all speakers will receive a box of Smartek. During the event we will also be available for you to swap blocks with us directly, in the case that you cannot find the right blocks with the proper colours for you.

Still to decide, if with 300 attendees we will either evenly distribute the +24 sets or distribute the sets based on the amount of people attending from each country?

Any suggestions? Feedback? Feel free to reach out: