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Launch of our online Shop
Launch of our online Shop
Sep 27, 2020
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Launch of our online Shop

Online Shop

Today is a big day for Smartek. We are officially opening up our online shop so everybody around the world can purchase our original Smartek building blocks. Over the last months you have probably gradually seen the content grown on our website, but today we have finally opened up the payment options so you can fulfil your order completely.


Currently we support PayPal and via Stripe you will be able to pay via Credit Card, Apple Pay, iDEAL, et cetera. Your payment is save since we do not handle payment information ourselves but rely on these two services (PayPal and Stripe). Fees associated by these platforms will be covered by us.


Currently we do not have a smooth and sleek supply-chain yet to process orders within e.g. 24h. It will currently take us 1-2 weeks before we can process the shipment, but this should be sorted out within a couple of weeks. More about shipping fees and courier will be discussed in a second post.

We hope you will enjoy our new shop and your purchase.

Your feedback is always appreciated!