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iDEAL Payments not yet supported
iDEAL Payments not yet supported
Oct 9, 2020
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iDEAL Payments not yet supported

What is iDEAL?

Ideal is an online payment system mainly popular in The Netherlands. Since the majority of shops in The Netherlands do not accept Credit Cards, this also means not everybody uses or likes to use their Credit Card online. More information on iDEAL can be found here.

Our website is build using Webflow which supports two payment systems:

  • Stripe
  • PayPal

The good news is that Stripe supports iDEAL. The bad news is that Webflow has not yet implemented iDEAL via Stripe.

How can I pay with iDEAL?

There are currently two ways to use iDEAL payments:

  1. You can connect your Dutch Debit card account (IBAN) to PayPal. here is a link [Dutch] on how to do that: LINK
  2. A workaround would be to send an email to and we can send you a Tikkie

We hope that in the near future Webflow decides to implement iDEAL with Stripe so we can also server our own home-base customers without any hassle.